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Davis Middle School Building


Theodore G. Davis Photo

Theodore G. Davis was a teacher who began his career at a one-room school in Doncaster in 1926 and transferred to Nanjemoy High School when it opened in the early 1930s. He taught English, math, civics and American History as well as coaching the girls' volleyball and softball teams. He served as acting principal for several years and retired in 1964. He began driving a school bus to the Nanjemoy School upon his retirement.

Davis was born on Dec. 7, 1905, and died on Jan. 26, 1991, at the age of 86.

Source: School Naming Committee documents.

Our Vision – Educational Excellence

This vision statement holds the hope that all students will make a personal commitment to excellence through achieving their personal best each and every day. It is our belief that when we perform our best, our best keeps getting better, resulting in excellence.  Our mission is to maximize the academic potential in every child and prepare all of our students to be successful and productive citizens in the 21st-century global society.

Now more than ever a high-quality education is needed for all students to meet the challenges they will face in their post-graduation lives.  Our educational challenge is to be able to not only get our students to a functionally literate level but also to be able to think critically, problem solves, work in teams, use technology, to be self-directed and to demonstrate good citizenship and community service.  We are committed to developing a College & Career Ready Culture at Davis in order to support each student’s dreams and future goals.

A Vision of Excellence begins with a set of powerful beliefs.

We Believe In….

  • Creating and maintaining a culture of excellence
  • Developing each student’s individual gifts because all students can and will learn
  • Personalizing the educational experience for all students that removes any barriers to their success
  • Cultivating creative problem solving, critical thinking and innovation
  • Promoting integrity, civility and global citizenship
  • Enriching learning by honoring our diversity
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration, trust and shared responsibility
  • Professional learning as the basis for outstanding instruction and positive outcomes in student learning. 

Our Mission

Every student will have access to the CCSS standards through high-quality instruction aligned with the standards every day; and that all teachers are prepared and receive the support they need to implement the standards in their classrooms every day so that students are college and career ready.

Our Motto
"One Community... One Vision... Excellence!"